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VAF Automation Systems
For the continuous on-line monitoring of discharge water during de-ballasting operations, VAF Instruments is one of worlds main suppliers.
VAF Instruments positive displacement liquid flow meters stand for accurate volumetric measurement of a wide range of liquids, from low-density LPG to viscous chemical and petroleum products.
Viscosity measurement and control systems are used for continuous in-line measurement and control of viscosity of many liquids.
Using the TT-Sense for measuring shaft speed, torque and power results in broad insights in your propeller efficiency, vessel pitch optimization and hull resistance.
The use of a T-Sense torque measuring system means efficiency improvement, overload protection and prevention of breakdown costs.
Ship Alarm Monitoring Systems There is a wide range of Alarm Units (E.R./Bridge) available.
VAF Instruments designs, builds and manufactures in-line blending systems which produce specifically defined grades of oil in any quantity, with utmost speed and accuracy.