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Shaft Power Torque Meter

Shaft Power Torque Meter

The use of a T-Sense torque measuring system means efficiency improvement, overload protection and prevention of breakdown costs. For example, in shipping industry its application has led in some cases to fuel savings up to 5%. The T-Sense measuring system is based on optical displacement technology and can be mounted around propeller or drive shafts.

The T-Sense is an intelligently designed optical torque measuring system, which can be mounted around the shaft by the vessel's crew or shipyard without engineering or commissioning assistance.


With the PEM2 Propulsion Efficiency Monitor, VAF Instruments has developed a completely new monitoring system based on many years of experience and proven technology, but with modern user friendly electronics. The PEM2 system is able to monitor one or two T-Sense torque measuring systems together with the fuel consumption of four engines/consumers (Max. 8 VAF flowmeters).

The PEM2 Propulsion Efficiency Monitor is because of its menu structure very easy to use and all measured and calculated data can be read directly from the screen, on which they are displayed in both figures and bar graphs. The PEM2 system helps owners to improve efficiency of ship management or to monitor engine performance in a very convenient way.

The standard T-Sense system is based on torque and speed measurement, out of which the performed power on the shaft can be calculated. The system can be extended with the following modules:

 energy consumption

actual fuel consumption per engine

specific fuel consumption per kW

 fuel consumption per nautical mile

total power calculation

thrust measurement

For these extensions other signals can be fed to the PEM2 system, such as fuel flows, fuel temperature, speedlog, GPS or generator power. Together with the standard torque, speed and power signals the PEM2 system will be able to calculate the desired data.


The standard PEM2 Propulsion Efficiency Monitor design can be used in a variety of applications such as:

Continuous power output measurements for ship propulsion

Continuous power and fuel consumption management

Direct visual control of changes in engine setting, trim and draught

Continuous monitoring of torque, speed, power or thrust

Besides these standard applications VAF Instruments also manufactures special designs and variants:

Testbed shafts and spacers

Tailor-made hardware and software

User benefits

Fuel saving by efficiency improvement on ships

Preventing damage and overhaul costs

No engineering and commissioning assistance needed

Only one communication cable to the bridge

No time consuming mounting of strain gauges

Competitive pricing and delivery times

Robust design, maintenance free, no wear no tear

World wide service network of certified VAF agents


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