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   LANDAO Technology Co., Ltd. as a well-known professional technical service company, has a group of senior professional service engineers could provide 24 hours efficient and superior quality professional service for marine automation systems including ODME system, level measurement system, gas detect system, inert gas system, fuel oil supply system, fire alarm system, engine room alarm monitor system, high level and overfill alarm system, cargo oil pumping system, torque system etc. 
   LANDAO also has the capacity of calibration and certification for marine detect and measurement instruments such as fixed gas detector, portable gas detector, UTI tape, pressure transmitter, temperature and pressure calibrator, marine temperature and pressure gauges. 
   LANDAO, as the authorized service agent of Honeywell Marine, VAF Instruments, RIKEN KEIKI, MMC, DAIKIN, VIKING Engineer will provide you not only superior technical service, but also imported equipments and special spare parts.