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Marpoil ODME System

Marpoil ODME System 

The Marpoil 2 is developed and manufactured by Viking Engineering Pte Limited, Singapore and is compliant with part 2 of the annex to the Guidelines and Specifications contained in IMO resolution MEPC.108(49) for tankers carrying crude, black and white products.


Figure below shows a schematic view of the Marpoil 2 discharge system:

The Marpoil 2 Measuring Unit consists of two integrated parts, the Measurement cabinet where sample conditioning and the actual measurement takes place and the Electronics cabinet comprising the measurement and interface electronics. The ballast water is sampled from a sample point in the overboard discharge pipe and fed to the Measurement cabinet via the sample pump. Part of the sample flow is extracted by an integral gear pump in the Measurement cabinet and after conditioning the sample is measured and returned to the overboard discharge flow. The Measurement cabinet also has access to fresh water for rinsing and calibration purposes. The Measurement cabinet is hermetically sealed from the Electronic cabinet and is continuously ventilated by a fan and also houses water leak detector and cabinet door detector.

The signals from the Measurement cabinet are amplified and conditioned in the Electronics cabinet and are subsequently fed to the Terminal/Main Computer in the Cargo Control Room where the oil contents is calculated and all system handling and the Electronics cabinet of the Measuring Unit houses all system interfaces except the GPS that connects directly to the Terminal Computer.

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