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Reconstruction for TankMaster system

econstruction for TankMaster system

This system is developed based on RS-485 line and industrial configuration software. It monitors the parameters of TEM, pressure, level, flow and density from tank and gives alarm to the parameter abnormal. As configuration software is used in this system, there is an external program interface for easily communication and developed. The alarm data from data-base can be checked and printed by the way of Alarm System. Each condition of ship can be known by people on shore by data. So, this system is promotion of management to the ship. Otherwise, this system can be also integrated with other systems to slash down the purchase cost.

Our company reconstructed about TankMaster system on the vessel“ZHONG RAN 53”, we had the whole through the local surveying, technical communication, confirming of construction, etc. Based on the marine electrical standard, considering of maintenance and display, we use the radar sensor instead of float sensor. The TankMaster use centralized displaying on the monitor. We added the temperature function on the year of 2010 during the dock repairing. The TankMaster system achieved highly regarded about discussion, getting the order, signing the technical agreement and implementation, maintenance from shipowner. The project implemented according to the preliminary plan and the actual situation, then completed smoothly.

Interface of our system

Photo on board

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